Service Projects Chair




Marc Harris Service Projects Chair

I wish to take this opportunity to thank District Governor Ron for selecting me as District Ser-vice Projects Chair for 2018. This is my third year in this position. So far, so good.
In my many years as a Rotari-an and time as a District chair, I have learned a lot, some of which I want to share here.

The District is more then a DG/AG visit and some meet-ings during the year. The Dis-trict is a group of knowledgea-ble Rotarians, an excellent source of ideas and assis-tance. If a club needs help, it should ask the club’s AG, and then possibly one of the spe-cialty chairs.

Service is one of the key ele-ments of Rotary. While the clubs and the District do a lot of service projects, lets do more. This year more than last year! Need some ideas? Why not volunteer at the USO at the airport. Or volunteer at a VA facility, or a nursing home. Or work with the Boy Scouts. Let’s do projects that our communities need. Need more ideas, go to the RI web site. And don’t forget the websites of other clubs. Lots of good ideas already on the table.

Let’s also do some projects to-gether. Few clubs collaborate with other clubs, or have a real service project plan to meet community needs. RI has found that collaborations amongst clubs leads to better projects. So clubs, lets collabo-rate on some projects this year.

Also, finding sponsors for events, old or new, can be dif-ficult and hamper a club’s abil-ity to succeed. This is an area where we can collabo-rate. Maybe a group goes to potential sponsors, like the hospitals, car dealers, boat dealers, supermarkets, multi-location restaurants, etc., offer-ing them a form of joint ven-ture.

And let’s not forget the Wheel-chair Olympics coming up soon. All clubs can help in that event.
Together, we will make this year better than last year, and next year better than this year.