Foundation Annual Giving Chairperson



By Tracy Belton
District Foundation  Annual Giving Chairperson

Tracy Belton

I know many Rotarians often ask “Why does the District and our Foundation Chairperson keep after us to give to The Rotary Foundation? Can’t we just do good things in our own communities and keep the money local?” The answer is multifold.
Yes, you can do fund-raising and only support your local projects. If that is the thought process of your club, so be it. But I ask you, why are you a Rotarian? Why are you a member of Rotary International? We all want to provide for the needs of our communities. We also realize that there is a bigger World out there that needs us.

Rotary is an International organization. We WILL eradicate Polio from this planet. It takes an international organization like Rotary to accomplish this because our passion, reputation, and volunteers are needed. We WILL bring clean water to as many areas in this world as we can. You can’t have good health, education, healthy births, healthy children or farm animals, or healthy workers for new industry without clean water.

When your club helps build clean water wells or water filtration systems in areas that are without clean water, you are bringing the first element into people’s lives that can lead to so many more positive elements in their future.
If you’ve done any international traveling, you’ve probably been in countries that are in need of so many basic needs that we all take for granted. We have clean water on tap in our homes.

We have grocery stores and hospitals right down the street. Every child in this country who wants an education has a school they can attend. In this country, we are providing for the poor with food stamps, Medicaid, and other forms of government assistance. These forms of assistance aren’t provided in so many other countries.

A contribution to the Annual Share program of The Rotary Foundation will go to the Foundation and the interest it earns for three years will be used by the Foundation. At the end of the three years, 40% of this contribution will come back to your club in the form of District Designated Funds (DDF).

This is money that YOUR CLUB gets to decide how YOU want to use it. Do you want to provide dictionaries to local schools? Do you want to send high school students to RYLA? Do you want to help build a Habitat for Humanity home? Do you want to help sponsor the Wheelchair games? What project would your club want to use your 40% to accomplish? It could be local or international needs.

To those members who do contribute annually to The Rotary Foundation, I thank you so much. Please send me pictures of projects that you have participated in so that I can add your pictures to the next newsletter. I would like to see local and international projects. It’s time to show this District how BIG we really are with to good we provide not just locally, but also on the World Stage.

I thank you,

Tracy Belton

Past President The Villages-Noon
District Foundation Annual Giving Chairperson
District Rotary Leadership Institute Chairperson