District committees are an integral part of the District Leadership Plan whose members are experienced Rotarians from clubs throughout the District.  The six primary committees; Foundation, Membership, Service Projects, Public Image, Club Administration and New Generations*, mirror the same club committees under the Club Leadership Plan, thereby providing direct support to the clubs on the committee level.  Many of these committees have multiple Rotary International or Rotary Foundation program responsibilities which require them to have subcommittees for these specific programs.  Each subcommittee has a chair and reports to the committee head.  All primary committees report to the District Governor.

There are also committees which assist the Governor directly with the administrative affairs of the District.

District committees have specific roles and responsibilities, carrying out functions that contribute to a wide variety of goals.  However, all district committee share these duties:

  • Providing support and guidance to clubs 
  • Working with Rotary International and Rotary Foundation committees and resource groups
  • Collaborating with the governor-elect to help establish district goals for the next year
  • Meeting with district leaders to plan strategies to achieve club and district goals
  • Promoting and attending district training meetings and the district conference
  • Managing communication between Rotary International and the district about issues within the committee’s focus

*The Youth Services committee (RYLA, Interact/Rotaract and Rotary Youth Exchange) has been added to the five committees recommended by Rotary international’s suggested Club Leadership Plan and has been ratified by the clubs of District 6980 in it’s Standard Operating Procedures.